First Steps: A Comprehensive Guide to Financial Matters After A Death

In his book, First Steps, Shane Phillips brings a unique perspective on death and financial matters. Shane combines his personal experience with loss; nearly 25 years of professional experience in financial services; and his passion for working with people that are grieving.


Meet Shane Phillips

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First Steps: A Comprehensive Guide To Financial Matters After A Death was created out of the authors personal and professional experiences in the areas of death and finances. At the age of 16, Shane Phillips, experienced the loss of his parents and sister in a plane crash. Despite his personal losses, Shane graduated from high school and college and went on to a successful career in financial services. He worked at the executive level of both regional and international financial institutions including J.P. Morgan Private Bank. Today, Shane is President of Parsonex Capital Partners, LLC, an Englewood, CO based real estate investment firm. Shane and his wife Valerie reside in Castle Rock, CO with their five children Andrew, Annalisa, Aidan, Audrey, and August.



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